(ScienceLive, 2016)


Approach Avoidance in VR (Weekend van de Wetenschap 2016)

Immersive VR seems a great tool for evoking emotion. In collaboration with Tim Groeneboom (CodeFlow) we explored whether we can read emotional responses from the movements of head mounted display.


Motiv(l)eren (Pre University College, 2016-2017)

In this masterclass, Agnes Willemen and gave highschool students a crash course in observational and experimental research. What is the best way to motivate someone? Simple reward and punishment schemes as proposed by Skinner's Behaviorism or should we align to instrinsic motivations as proposed by Self Determination theory? In quest for an answer to this question the students performed observational research in a playground and performed experimental research in a VR experiment.

Virtual Fly Catching 1 (Weekend van de Wetenschap, 2015)

My first outreach experiment with Oculus Rift / Kinect VR. We designed the 'virtual fly catching' game to investigate the influence of score rewards on motor learning.