Born from a journalist and architect I learned to observe the world and dream about the future.

But how do we see? During a Masters and PhD in Experimental Psychology I investigated the brain mechanisms of visual perception. I discovered the clear perspective of exact science. And stayed fascinated by a different question: what really motivates us? In search of answer, I wandered, looked around, wrote short stories (Prometheus, 2009) and performed a two-year research project on the motivating value of play at the Faculty of Industrial Design of the Technical University Delft.

Now, I hope to connect exact skills and creative dreams in the STW-funded project 'Fake it 'till they make it' at the Department of Human Movement Sciences at the VU University Amsterdam. In this project we investigate how performance feedback in rehabilitation games can be optimized to the brains' learning mechanisms. Can patients for instance rehabilitate faster by virtually downscaling their movement errors?

On this website an overview of scientific research, literary work and drawings.